The Purpose

My life’s purpose is to leave the world emotionally better than I found it. My life’s assignment is to tell people about faith.  I am able to accomplish both my purpose and assignment by giving The Feeling Friends to the world and by telling my stories about my faith journey with The Feeling Friends. My team and I call ourselves The Feeling Friends Believers. 
I invite you to join The Feeling Friends Believers.  We believe in the power of The Feeling Friends bringing emotional resilience to children and the power of adults doing their transformative emotional work on themselves. 
If you want to know more, send me a note.  
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Meet the CEO

Hi, my name is Karen Cuthrell and I am the founder of The Feelings Company, a cutting-edge educational company that creates tools for educators to teach children emotional intelligence at and early age. Our mission is to grow children emotionally stronger.  I am an entrepreneur, educator, author, researcher and creator of The Feeling Friends Educational Kit, an engaging and all-inclusive educational kit that gives educators the tools to make sure that early learners have the foundation to become emotionally successful. I am the CEO (Chief Emotions Officer) and I am responsible for running the day-to-day operations of The Feelings Company.  My passion is creating and teaching everyone that I meet that LOVE is the most important Feeling!

Children LOVE me or Miss KK as I am called. I have been called “The Mary Poppins of Feelings.”  This is the the coolest thing that I have ever heard because Mary Poppins is my favorite movie followed behind Saving Mr. Banks and Mary Poppins Returns.

“Mary Poppins is a slightly stern but caring woman, who uses magic and self-control to take care of the Banks children. ... She is kind towards the children, but can be firm when needed. She is "practically perfect in every way".  I am not perfect, nor do I use magic.  Miss KK just LOVES.

With their LOVE spectacles, children see the Mary Poppins in me.  I am blessed to have a way of relating to children that allows them to expose the emotions that they may be experiencing and open up to talk about what they are feeling. Encouraging children to identify, express, and manage their feelings provides a foundation for building trusting relationships that are important at home, school, and the work place.  And I help children do that.  Being Miss KK is the PERFECT assignment for me.  

Who’s Miss KK?

I love to create, walk, and listen to gospel music, especially Albertina Walker. My journey with The Feeling Friends demonstrates that when you are given a God assignment, you don’t give up on the assignment. On this journey, sometimes it has been only me and God. And many times it felt like a Job experience. During those times, I kept my eyes focused on Him and the WONDERFUL project that He assigned me. That is why you are able to read about me now. TGBTG!

The Passion

I started this journey when my daughter had difficulty expressing her emotions when she was six years old. The psychologists told me that I had to get her to talk about her feelings. There were no tools on the market, so I co-created the first Feeling Friends 12 characters. And they were an instant hit with children, educators, and parents. As I have journeyed with this project, what I have learned is that although I created The Feeling Friends for my daughter, they were also for me. I found my emotional voice in my Feeling Friends Journey. Now I am able to help children as well as adults find their emotional voices and feel pure JOY!

The Why

The Feelings Company delivers cutting-edge educational products in the social emotional learning (SEL) industry. We GROW children emotionally stronger.  We  positively influence children’s emotional development by helping them learn, feel safe and express their feelings appropriately via entertaining, educational and interactive experiences.  Our Educational Kit is a research-based, SEL curriculum which effectively addresses every aspect of education acquisition and provides students with the SEL competencies to ensure "whole-child" cultivation and encourages future success. 

What is The Feelings Company?​​​​​​​

The Feelings​​​​​​​ Company​​​​​​​